Welcome to the new home of Squash Blossom Vintage and the beginning of Squash Blossom Handmade. I’ve dreamed for years of having a little space all my own to sell what I love and say what is in my heart without the confines of a big blog site or giant e-commerce marketplace running the show. I’ve wanted to share things about my life and travels and loves that are often too personal to me for a social media post. I’m excited to share freely without the worry of alienating “followers” by posting too many vintage pics, not enough vintage pics, too many babies, too much gardening!… I’m tired of over-thinking it all and am elated to finally have a quiet corner to just be. I will bring to you vintage collections which I’ve lovingly put together and I will slowly introduce my own designs, handmade in America, crafted from vintage textiles and fabrics I’ve collected for years- all of this at a pace that makes sense for me and my little family. From my heart, I thank you for coming along.

xoxo Molly


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